Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pebbles the cat introduces herself

Date Originally Posted: April 2, 2008

Hi, my name is Pebbles! I’m Karen’s new cat. She’s letting me write her blog post today so I can introduce myself. I’m one year old, a domestic shorthair, gray and white, and very small.

When Karen decided to get a cat, she called her cousin, who works at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Her cousin told her to come up to adopt this other cat, but I ended up stealing Karen away. Oh well, I deserve a nice home after what I’ve been through. Before my 3-week stay at the shelter, I was living in this horrible place they call a "hoarder house," you know, where some crazy person starts collecting animals until the place is full of sickness, noise, and poop. There were 98 cats living there, and everyone was always stealing my food, crawling all over me, yowling, and fighting. It was so bad that when the sick cats died, other cats started eating their bodies because they were so hungry! Yecchhh! No wonder I’m so skinny. No raw cat guts for me, thank you...I preferred to wait for my rescue, and a proper meal.

When I saw Karen walk by my cage, I waved to her to see if she’d be a good human for me. She saw me and asked the shelter staff to move me to the "bonding room." Showtime! Even though it was time for supper, I knew this was my moment to shine, so I ignored my food and I layed on the love, rubbing against her and letting her pet me a lot so she’d know how loving I am. It worked! A few days later I was out of my cage and on my way to Karen’s house.

Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I liked the shelter cage, and certainly not the hoarder house, but I guess I was kind of freaked out to be in such a big house, able to go wherever I want. When I got out of the carrier, I ran right under the bed! I only came out when absolutely necessary - like, for that delicious expensive food she bought for me!

It’s been a week now in my new home, and I still hide quite a bit, but when people manage to find me and draw me out, man, do I love to be petted. I’ve trained Karen and her friends very well to do my bidding, pet me and skritch my neck whenever I want, buy me toys and treats, and play with me as much as I want. I’m one year old, but I’m really still a kitten inside, and I need special nutritious food to fatten up my bony hips.

I think it’s as much fun for Karen as it is for me. I’m starting to come out of my room a little more now. It’s scary, and I cry sometimes, but Karen is very nice to me and very patient. She’s even keeping her house clean for me, which, as one of her friends told me, is a really big deal for her.

Well, I hope to meet some of you soon. I’m not allowed to go outside, but you can come and visit me. I love people, and I think that you will love me, too.


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