Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If Only Pebbles Could Read...

Dear Pebbles,

You and I are going to be moving in a couple weeks. That's why there are all these cardboard boxes around that you've been playing in. We're going to live in Auntie Janet's house. You know Janet, remember? You like her. But the thing is, she has two cats of her own, and a huge, energetic dog. You're probably going to be very scared and uncomfortable.

I'm so sorry that this is happening. I know it took a while for you to trust me and to feel safe in this house, and I know how much you love it here. It's going to be very hard for both of us to have to live in just one small room in someone else's house. But this is a way that we can stay together, so I don't have to give you away to someone else. You will still get fed and cared for, and you can still snuggle up with me at night.

Janet's dog is a big golden retriever. She is very hyper and will probably want to play with you and jump all over you. But I promise, even though you might be scared at her energy, she will not bite you. I think if you give her a chance, eventually you will be friends. The other kitties in Janet's house have learned to tolerate the dog, and they have never been bitten by her. The other kitties will help you and show you the ropes, and if you get scared, they are good at giving kitty hugs and being friends.

Now Pebbles, this is very important: Janet's cats get to go outside, but you're not allowed to go outside. I hope this doesn't make you feel left out. It might seem unfair, but I want you to be safe and warm and live a long, healthy life, and never get lost or stolen. Even if Janet's cats tell you it's okay, or try to pressure you into going outside with them, you must tell them that your human-mommy says it's not allowed for you.

I hope you won't be too mad at me after we move. I'm really going to need you to love me and cuddle with me, because I'm probably going to be very sad. I love this house too, and I don't want to leave it. You might see me crying. If that happens, just come over and let me pet you and skritch your neck.

When I hear you purring, I will know that everything is going to be okay.



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ErrrrrikaMaia said...

I'm praying for you and Pebbles. I love you very much!