Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Eulogy for Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot

Date Originally Posted: November 25, 2007

Just woke up from the holiday weekend to the news of yet another musician I loved who has died. Kevin DuBrow was the cheerfully crazy smiling face behind the mask of Metal Health, and was the best part of a concert I saw in the 80's, even though Quiet Riot was only the opening act (no offense to the headliner, Loverboy). Just last night I was listening to QR on my iPod and I decided that the song "Metal Health" contains my all-time favorite musical scream (even over Ozzy's in "Crazy Train," a close second).

I'm 38 now. This is my life from now on, isn't it? I'll either learn every few weeks of another legend who has died, or worse, I'll start hearing more and more sacred music from the soundtrack of my life used in pizza or car or toilet paper commercials.

Kevin's bandmates asked people not to speculate on the cause of death, which is probably coming soon, so I won't. It doesn't matter anyway. Whether they go the road of Brad Delp of Boston or Rich Jeni, or whether it is some accident, or some medical problem, it's just another reminder that my time is over and I'm getting old.

Thank God Kevin left us a piece of him to enjoy forever. That's really the only good news to take away from stories like these...the people to really mourn are the ones who never left any news to report, be it to MTV, CNN, or just to their families and friends. I think the best way to honor Kevin DuBrow and the other artists who have broken my heart this year, is to think about what I will leave behind for others to enjoy, and get busy.

Rest in peace, dude.


Susie Raiford said...

I prefer to think of it as time passing rather than my time being over.
I loved quiet riot too.

Jonna said...

Isn't it the truth. As we get older, so do those we love...and I keep hearing the music I grew up adoring in elevators! Sacrilege!